I remember after completing my first teacher training almost a decade ago and my first thought was, now what?!  Almost immediately I knew I needed to learn more.  I sought out a mentor and embarked on a six month mentorship to assist in growing, evolving, and inspiring my path as a teacher.  It was by far the best decision I ever made as a new teacher.  The experience empowered me with confidence, clarity, and direction.  With curiosity as my compass, I have dedicated myself to over a thousand hours of continued education and mentorships all of which have illuminated my teachings and my practice in a profound way.  I continue to be most inspired by teachers who continue to explore and evolve their own practice.  Those who guide their own teachings with their continued curiosity, passion, and inquiry.  I am inspired to share, mentor, and collaborate with new teachers who are looking to educate and empower themselves.  Those desiring to ignite their own curiosity in order to grow their own teachings and practice both on and off the mat.



Defining your why.  What brought you to the path of becoming a yoga teacher? Why do you practice?  What inspires you and lights you up?  What are you passionate to share?  Beginning to explore what makes you unique both on and off the mat.  Building clarity, confidence, and deeper connection to your practice and teachings.


In depth review of safe, smart, and effective sequencing as well as clear, informative, and precise verbal cueing.  I’ll share with you my specialized formula for sequencing and we’ll collaborate to create intelligent sequences for your students and your own home practice.  We will review functional alignment and cueing of the most commonly taught yoga postures.  You will be provided additional video content regarding posture breakdown, verbal cueing, and adjustments/assists. I will provide guidance on your questions regarding any current challenges holding you back from delivering your most effective teaching skills.


You will video yourself teaching a 30-60 minute yoga sequence.  I will review the video before our meeting.  We will break down your sequence, verbal cueing, and presence.  We will clearly define what makes you stand out, reviewing your strengths and weaknesses and how to best propel yourself forward in your teachings.




Confidently stepping into your role as a teacher.  Clearly defining your brand and creating offerings that inspire and support your teachings and practice.  We will explore further any specialty topics you wish to cover (teaching all levels, therapeutics, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, etc.).  Navigating the business of yoga; finding balance, self care, inspiration, and curiosity as you continue along the path of teaching.


This program is open to those who have completed a 200 hour teacher training.

What’s Included

4 hour long video calls or in person sessions

Unlimited access to my online yoga classes and trainings (coming soon)

Video Content of Seeing Bodies; Functional Alignment, Cueing, Inquiry, and Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

Journaling exercises and homework (including documents and articles) related to the content

Unlimited access to me via email throughout the duration of the program


$450 USD