I became passionate about wellness and nutrition after going through my own healing journey over these past few years.  I grew up as a type A perfectionist and for most of my middle school through college years I tried to control my life through food, exercise, pleasing others, and suppressing any negative emotions. Around age 27 (hello Saturn Return) my body went through a bit of a health crisis serving what I think of now the beginning of my awakening.  I became very sick with a variety of GI problems, hormonal issues, skin breakouts, and emotional distress.  I went from doctor to doctor trying to find the answer to cure my stomach pains, emotional imbalances, fatigue, and the feeling of something just being "off".  Within that process I essentially received no true answers and was often made to feel that I was crazy, making up symptoms and being told "it was in my head".  I persisted to seek alternative practitioners because I knew in my gut something wasn't right.  I finally connected with a functional nutritionist who I have been dedicated to working with for the last two years.  Through her compassion, knowledge, and tools I was able to uncover and get to the root of my issues (which included hormonal imbalances, inflammation, high toxicity in my system, and even a parasite eek!).  I also believe that my years of striving, pleasing others, and being who I think I "should" be caught up to me and it was my body's way of telling me its time to release. As I slowly healed my gut through food, supplements, meditation, yoga, self love, and deep listening I unraveled layers of stuck energy in my body.  In the process of this healing, I gained new clarity, insight, and connection to myself.  It was literally a clearing of all the sh*t holding me back physically and emotionally.  Within this clearing process using compassion as my compass I was able to navigate back home to my authenticity, vulnerability, and truth.  I found deeper compassion, patience, and acceptance towards myself in a way I had never experienced before. I truly unraveled, examining and then shedding all the layers and patterns I had been holding onto and were in some way continuing to affect how I was feeling on a daily basis.  I took a slow and steady journey to meet all of myself, embracing fully who I am, and radically accepting each perfectly imperfect part of me. I learned how to trust my body's wisdom and intuition to ultimately become my own healer.  I am passionate about helping other women do the same.  To begin to examine all the conditioning that has pulled us further away from ourselves, essentially making us sick, tired, unfulfilled, and feeling not enough.  I want you to feel good, whole heartedly embracing all of who you are.  Through mindfulness, nutrition, meditation, breath, yoga, and coaching I am here to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.  My mission is to empower you to shine your glowing, vibrant, and radiant light from the inside out.  




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