Hi, I’m Nina.  I am an Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Wellness Coach.  I share yoga and wellness locally in my native home on Cape Cod as well as leading teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats in my soul home of San Diego and internationally in my wanderlust homes around the world with my best friend and co-creator, Jenna Zabrosky.

Yoga to me is Connection.  Connection to self, connection to others, and the understanding of the inherent interconnectedness of all things.  Although I studied dance for most of my life, as well as the human body, movement, and psychology extensively in college, I arrived to yoga in a very disconnected state.  It found me at a time when I was overly critical of myself, attempting to control my life through food, exercise, and pleasing others. Yoga provided me the space to unravel, arriving back into my body and to my true self after many years of striving and perfectionism.


Throughout the last decade on my mat, the practice has become much deeper than the postures, but rather an inquiry to connect and to understand who I am in this moment. I practice in a way to produce the best version of myself.  I believe when we are able to meet all parts of ourselves, both the pleasant and unpleasant, holding each layer with tenderness, love, and support we encourage and inspire others to do the same.  I aim in my own practice and life to choose compassion over the ego, cultivating more kindness, truth, patience, and acceptance.  Through the practice of compassionate inward attention we illuminate the shift for outward expansion, transformation, and change.


I have created a practice and coaching style that is both challenging and playful, structured and intuitive, honest and compassionate. Guided through inquiry I encourage students and clients to slow down, pause, and pay attention.  Using intentional movement and embodied exploration, I invite in spacious stillness and deep listening to align the body, mind, and spirit to arrive to a more awake and conscious state.  Through this aligned awareness my hope is to empower and educate others to practice and live in a way that produces the best versions of themselves.




“Nina’s yoga is how I wish so many yoga teacher’s taught. Because she cares about the body’s longevity and not fancy or fast moving poses. She is one of my favorite yoga teachers I have ever experienced in my 10 years of practice. I have never met a teacher like her with such extensive knowledge of anatomy and alignment. She is passionate about building a proper foundation of ideal muscle engagement for long term health, body mechanics, and posture so that her students can not only practice injury free but can feel stronger and pain free in their bodies. Nina is hyper attuned to details and dedicated to each student’s unique needs. She is passionate about the practice and what it can do on and off the mat. She creates such a calming and loving space where you never feel intimated or pressured or judged. Her practice is truly accessible to any capability, age, or body type. I couldn’t recommend her classes more. You will leave with a new appreciation and understanding of your unique body’s needs. I am so thankful for Nina and the knowledge she weaves into each class. I truly walk away learning something new for my body each time. I believe her teaching style is paving the way for a new generation of yoga that is safer, more effective, and deeply therapeutic.” 

Anna U., OTR/L, RYT 200, Student


“I’ve taken Nina's classes now for two years and marvel at her precise cues and discipline with proper alignment for safety.  Her sequences challenge you as well as allow room for pause. Her happy spirit fills the room when she walks in and we all relax with her smile!  Nina is approachable, personable, and will share her personal stories as a regular person.  She makes us feel one and the same.  All connected. Feeling supported and yet finding a place in our own practice to bring peace and balance. She cares. She loves. She inspires.”

Anne S., RYT 200, Student


"Nina is an amazing instructor and her classes are wonderful. She is funny, kind, and patient. She is down to earth and genuine, and while she is the teacher, you always feel equal and at ease with her. She is always available to you before, during, and after class. She knows her stuff and even when she's learned something thing new and is teaching it to you for the first time, you feel complete confidence in her. She is in tune with each of us in the class and gives us all individual attention, making sure we are doing everything correctly but also reminds us that our bodies are different and we don't all have to do it the same way. I always leave feeling empowered. I am so thankful to have discovered Nina!"

Annie R., Student